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New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (Strands in Cattle Farming, Dairy Farming, Deer Farming and Sheep Farming) Level 2

These courses have the support of farmers who recognise the importance of a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. Students will gain practical skills and knowledge that are directly relevant to working in the rural sector. Students will develop work habits and practice appropriate skills for further training and/or employment in the Agriculture industry, if you have or apply and are granted a work visa. This qualification will enable international students to work on a NZ farm before they return to their home country to apply the knowledge and skills gained.

Students can study one or more options.


Each course is 12 weeks and runs from Monday to Thursday, 9am until 4pm, with Fridays set aside for self directed learning or work experience. The courses run from February to November with 3 start dates.

Content depending on the strand selected will include:

  • Legal requirements, maintenance, hazards and operation of tractors, motorcycles and ATVs
  • Knowledge of health and safety issues in respect to working in the rural sector and factors relating to injuries on farms
  • Correct use of equipment, vehicles and machinery
  • Safe animal handling practices
  • Identifying fencing hazards, correct use of knots, basic fencing installation and use of temporary electric fences
  • Safe use of chainsaws
  • Handling and treatment of livestock, animal welfare, cattle and sheep handling
  • Milking in a dairy shed
  • Lambing
  • Weed control

The New Zealand Certificate in Primary skills Level 2, will be awarded if and only if students have:

  • successfully passed all compulsory unit standards
  • gained 40 credits in total
  • abided by the code of conduct for overseas students

Course Schedule

The course is delivered over a consecutive period of 12 weeks. It includes 2 weeks of work experience. Each theory/practical week consists of:

  • Scheduled tutor delivery: 15 hours
  • Visits/demos/practice: 12 hours
  • Self-directed learning: 3 hours

Work Experience

  • The course will consist of field trips to a variety of farms as well as practical activities on our Training Farm
  • Week 11 and 12 will consist of work experience on a farm for a full two week period

Driver's license and a vehicle is preferable but not essential.


  • New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industry Skills (strands in Cattle Farming, Dairy Farming, Deer Farming and Sheep Farming) Level 2,
    * Dependent on strand selected.

Entry Criteria

  • Students will have an agricultural background or an interest in agriculture in their own country
  • If English is not your first language applicants must sit on online English test to determine the additional level of english language lessons required to pass the qualification, to satisfy the academy that the student can successfully complete the course
  • Minimum age of 18 years old or turning 18 prior to end of the programme.

English, Download PDF

Spanish, Download PDF

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